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" Discuss how raising a child in the digital age creates challenges for families and adolescents as they negotiate the individuation process.
Parents today are competing with many other things in today 's modern society, for their child 's attention. Children now days are more worried about what their peers think of them through their likes, comments and general façade they need to keep up online in order to stay relevant and popular. This can be a struggle for parents because family values are no longer the most important thing, but their ability to be known, which can shift the child 's importance from interacting with their families, to interacting with their phones. At an earlier age, children are creating their own identity, separate from their parent 's, online. This means that the individuation process is happening more online through social media. An example of this is when parents don 't really know what their
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The term individuation means the ability for an individual see themselves as a separate being in the specific social group including family in this case. An example of this would be the ability to have your own morals and value separate of your family and seeing that your life is your life, not revolving around your family, but that it 's inclusive and does involve your family in some aspect.
" How, specifically, can media impact the individuation process for children?
The individuation process is all about identifying the self within the social unit and allowing them to have their own thoughts and feelings. Social media impacts this because kids are constantly worried about what others think of them. It takes away the ability to strongly identify yourself without the necessary need of other 's opinions. So, the individuation process seems to be drawing out longer and happening later in like because of the need to feel praise and the good feeling that social media brings them.
" How does access to the internet impact the transition
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