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ABSTRACT In the beginning of Soeharto’s period until the end of Soeharto’s period, Indonesia centralized the national regime. Indonesia determined to apply a policy of decentralization that became effective on January 1st, 2001. This essay would explain the failure of Indonesian decentralization, whereas this essay only has one area of focus, the failure of distribution of power. Why decentralization in Indonesia has failed? The main factor of this failure has been started in the first time Indonesia apply decentralization after 1998 tragedy whereas the end of Soeharto’s period and the end of centralized government. After that tragedy Indonesia use decentralization until now. But, Indonesia applies this system in sudden. Another country around the world who change their system from centralized regime to decentralized regime need a transition phase to change their system. It enacts Indonesia feels the cultural shock in political system. From highly centralized regime in Soeharto’s period to highly decentralized start from Habibie’s period. Therefore, it’s called as one of the most daring decentralization policy in developing countries based on “the most radical decentralization laws in Asia and the Pacific”. Those things are…show more content…
Indonesia decentralization is still unstable. Indonesia decentralization is like a dilemma between decentralization and centralization. Inconsistency of Indonesian decentralization can be seen with special region such as Yogyakarta, Nanggroe Aced Darussalam (NAD), and Papua. Those special region can have their own governance to govern their region. For instance, NAD who apply sharia law as their rules. System of special region actually one from lots of factor which enact the failure of Indonesian decentralization. As that system means that central government gives almost all of their power or maybe all of their power are given to local government. As a result, it can be called as “state” in

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