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A Broad Look on Education System in Indonesia From the first Hindu “schools” to today’s modern national and international schools, schools in Indonesia had always existed to guide and smarten those deemed worthy to receive it. However, throughout most of its history, education is somewhat restricted towards only a few belligerents; low to medium literacy rates in Indonesia is common, before the advent of Taman Siswa and similar education institutions in 1922. Education in Indonesia starts as Karsyan “schools” in the early Hindu-Buddhism kingdoms, which is a school that is usually in the deep countryside. Students isolate themselves in order to reach a more profound understanding of their own religion in a form of meditation. As such, this is usually a form of self teaching (autodidact), and was limited to only the Brāhmaṇa caste of the entire population in Indonesia, and is very limited to spiritual and religious learning. In the Islāmic Kingdom times, the Karsyan schools evolved into “pesantren”, which is similar to Karsyan schools in a way that they are in the countryside, but they teach more than just religious knowledge and go the extra mile to teach…show more content…
After the declaration of independence of Indonesians, the education system in Indonesia is fragile and very weak, because no efforts was done by both the Dutch and Japanese colonial governments to promote intellectuals from the native populations. This presents a huge challenge for the fledgling government to create a new education system that completely rejects previous occupation-era education system. They decided to model it on Ki Hajar dewantara’s education proverb and the national slogan pancasila, with the latter holding a somewhat increasing importance during the guided democracy and the new order

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