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INTRODUCTION The reason for this assignment is to give a point by point study report of Approaches to Industrial Relation of tourism industry in Maldives in light of the subject Industrial relations, 1967 an act 177 of the syllubus. In this report different aspects of industrial relations are cosidered, including human relations, industrial relations and Industrial relations, 1967 An act 177.

INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM INDUSTRY IN MALDIVES The Maldives, known for its top of the line world class resorts, well known among the rich and acclaimed is arranged in South West of Sri Lanka on the Equator contains 1,190 tropical islands. There are 97 extravagance resorts set up in the Maldives right now under operation and a
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1. How IR shapes our working life, our society and the national economy.
The expression "Industrial Relations" is not quite the same as "Human Relations". Modern relations allude to the relations between the representatives and the business in an industry. Human relations allude to a faculty administration arrangement to be embraced in mechanical associations to build up a feeling of belongingness in the specialists enhances their productivity and regard them as people and make an accomplice in industry. Modern relations cover the matters directed by law or by aggregate assention amongst representatives and businesses. Then again, issues of human relations are close to home in character and are identified with the conduct of laborer where assurance and social components prevailed. Human relations methodology is faculty rationality which can be connected by the administration of an endeavor. The issue of modern relations is normally managed a three levels - the level of undertaking, the industry and at the national level. To whole up the expression "Mechanical Relations" is all the more wide and far reaching and the expression "Human Relations" is a some portion of it. Deciding components of modern relations - Good mechanical relations rely on upon an awesome assortment of elements. A portion of the more evident ones are recorded
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