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This essay will discuss art methods and what the industrial revolution was and how it had an impact on art. The industrial revolution began in the second half of the 18th century, In Great Britain. The industrial revolution is known as the time period of the production of new manufacturing methods, mostly in factories in England. During this time period, many modern inventions were made and developed to new standards today. During this period, many technological advancements were made such as, cloth making machinery. The industrial revolution had an impact on people 's lives and on art. Some art methods that were produced in paintings were Realism, and Romanticism. Realism is an art movement that turned against the exaggerated and emotional…show more content…
Millet and all realist artists only paint what is in front of them, straight forward, mostly. Technological developments in the industrial revolution, led eventually to the invention of the camera. With use of the camera, a new art form was recognized, and the camera had a very big impact on realism artists, since realist artists aim was to represent the conditions and the suffering of people during the industrial revolution and in the real world, and since photography was a new art form, this benefited and helped realism artists to become more popular because of implying the truth with another form of art, especially during the time period of developments around the world. The first photograph that was the earliest known for surviving produced by a camera was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826 or 1827. Photography helped represent society accurately because they were real life images that cannot be proved wrong by any source. In conclusion, the industrial revolution did impact the way we look at art today because it was the major time period of new developments in almost everything, production of goods, inventions of new machines, creations of new art form
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