Essay On Inequalities And Disparities

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In the America’s health care system, inequities and disparities in breast cancer wither its economical, racial, or environmental inequalities are considered to be a vital and relevant reasons that drive inequalities that is being noticed in breast cancer epidemic. For the African American community, more profound impact is seen from increasing rates of reproductive health problems to the lack of a decent health care. Such inequalities and disparities are a sign of bigger social inequities. A systemic approach is much needed to point out the fundamental disparities if we are looking to find better solutions and health polices to assist us with breast cancer prevention and treatment.
There may be many reasons that lead to variations in cancer screening rates in America. One of the primary reasons is access to adequate health insurance plans. Individuals who lack such health insurance tend to be less likely to receive cancer screening in a timely manner than others. Roughly about 38 percent of African American females above 40 years of age without health insurance plans got breast cancer screening within the past few years in comparison with 70 percent of females with health insurance plans. Even though limited access to health insurance is an essential reason for mammogram screening, yet other determinants play a
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In addition, the differences between the genetics of white and African American females found its way to play a part in such disparities (Iqbal, et al, 2015.) It is shown that despite the access to an equal health care, African American females get breast cancer screening, follow-up care, treatments at different standards comparing to white females (Freedman, et al,

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