Essay On Inequalities Between Men And Women

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Is the world giving more attention to men? Have men been giving more prioritize than women? These questions remain unanswered while society keeps secretly supporting men. The inequalities between men and women have been happening in all kind of field especially in work place, which has becoming a tremendous concerned in the society. It is one of an issue that requires more attention than any others. Consequently, being born as human, men and women should receive the attention more equally without getting biased from any sides.

Gender equality could be defined as the concept of supporting two different sexes equally. However, people choose to discriminate the two genders because they believed that men are far more educated than women. Developing country such as Cambodia once believed that women are inferior to men; therefore, this concept still applies in today’s society. They believed that women should stay at home and prepare meals whereas men should find a proper education in order to find a suitable job. These occupation inequalities are still also practiced in some countries even though; women have already surpassed man in both, education and working experiences. Women have shown the world that they are capable of earning a fair academic credential or even better than those that man have
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In higher position, it is an extremely rare case that women will be allowed to take part as much as men do. Therefore, they will be paid inadequately. Women have seen to have taken a noticeably pay gaps; women receive much less salary and promotional bonus compared to men. As a result, the treatment of men and women in work place are very different. According to the statistic which is used by the government agencies and economic of US have shown that the media weekly income of full-time worker in 2013 had an estimated of $860 for men compared to $706 for women that work in the same

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