Essay On Inequalities In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Welcome to my essay, I will be talking about inequalities such as racial inequities in maycomb and the time period. Inequalities can be a big impact to anyone's life. And can change people's judgment and views on integer people. To kill a Mockingbird shows a lot of inequalities. One way for inequalities, is It uses Tom Robinson an innocent black man and how he was treated and framed because he was black In To kill a Mockingboard. Maycomb Alabama gives readers in sight of how back then and now racism exists and how it was applied to a nice person's back then everyday life. In To Kill A Mockingbird Tom Robinson is framed to have raped a girl because he was black and on the same train as her. Also in to kill a mockingbird Cal has to go to a all black church to worship the same God as the white. Another claim in the book constantly is that black people are judged and criticized just because they were black. Now let us go into detail of the ways Maycomb and other states had a lot of social inequalities. in to kill a Mockingbird the kids like going to Cal's black church which…show more content…
In the courtroom during that time racial inequality was very much present. In the book it said, Reverend Sykes edge his way upstairs, and a few moments he was back “there's not a seat downstairs. Do y'all want reckon it'll be alright if you are to come to the balcony with me. This passage shows Reverend Sykes has to go to the balcony because he was black, and white people were on the first floor this shows integration in the courtrooms. During the trial one of the victims pause while talking and look back because she forgot what to say which means she was probably being told what to say to get the black man Tom Robinson in jail. The passage reads “ Mayela looked at her father who was sitting in his chair tipped against the
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