Essay On Inequality

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Addressing Inequality The inequality is most knowing for lack of equality or things that are unfair comparisons to from each person, the three main types of economic inequality are Income inequality, pay inequality, wealth inequality, each type of economic inequality has related to money but each type of economic are represented different things such as Income inequality is extent to which income is distributed for a group of people, pay inequality are each person pay is different to their income, for example some people spend more money on supplies than someone else and the last one is wealth Inequality, which is wealth acquired from an individual. The biggest similarity is this economic inequality all has the wealth gap, which is mean differences…show more content…
The advantages of progressive tax are the systems reduce tax for people who can’t afford to pay and also progressive tax system allows to collect more taxes than flat taxes or regressive taxes, not only that the tax rates are indexed to increase as income climbs but this system has disadvantages too, things such as the system are unfairness for wealthy people or high-income earners. The different compare of progressive tax with regressive tax and flat tax is the regressive tax are completely opposite with progressive tax, because regressive tax take larger percentage from low-wage earners, for example, if two individuals buy the same goods and services, the tax would be higher percentage for lower-earning but for higher earning individuals, they would get lower percentage of tax, since regressive tax is opposite than flat tax are not completely opposite but still has different system, so the flat tax is not based on how many wealth on each people, it just takes same percentage tax on
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