Essay On Inequality In America

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Every day in the United States of America, it is estimated that over thirty five thousand people are arrested. Charges vary from small traffic violations to very serious offenses such as rape, burglary, and murder. People of all ages, all races and both genders are taken into police custody and charged with these crimes. At least that is what the government wants you to believe. They say that we live in an equal society, where every race and ethnicity are treated as equal, however, the rapid growth of violence towards minorities by police officers continues each day. The inequality in America first started back in the 1970’s and it continues to grow each day that passes. In the first part of the decade, there were approximately 320,000 drug arrests per year. That number has greatly increased to almost 1.6 million arrests per year, according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics (Huffington Post). That is a question that remains to be answered. It is hard to believe that such a…show more content…
For example, it has been proven that the police stop more African-American and Latinos at a much higher rate than those of a white race. In New York City where the population is mostly made up of people of color, about eighty percent of the New York Police Department stops were those of African-American and Latinos. During these traffic stops when those of the white race where stopped, only about eight percent were searched. But when those of a different race such as African-American and Latino were stopped, about eighty-five percent were searched according to the information provided by the New York Police Department. During these stops the police used “racial profiling” which also leads to an inequality that many police use more force in a much more aggressive way than those that are of “white” race. One of the biggest issues in law enforcement is the profiling based just on race and ethnicity of the
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