Essay On Inequality In Education

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When analyzing inequality in a country first we have to talk about poverty and then this leads us back to the concept of inequality, the causes, and effects on economic development in countries Poverty is defined by the World Bank as the inability of people to reach a minimum quality of living. The poor population or the existence of poverty in the country bring about the emergence of inequality in the country which distraught the development of the country inequality is the unfair distribution of income which bring about a great disparity between the rich and the poor. income inequality deteriorate as incomes increases from low to middle levels and then gets better as income ameliorate from middle to high level greater inequality is probably as a result of past policies that assumes benefits would eventually trickle down to the poor. Socialist economics date that high income inequality is unavoidable in a capitalist society, with its large disparity between incomes from capital, land, and entrepreneur on the one hand, and wage earners, on other hand .the incipient distribution of assets and income is important in determining income inequality .people who simply owners of property, hold an…show more content…
Gender inequality in education can lead to low economic growth, and continued gender inequality in education, thus building up poverty trap. It is argued that a large gap in male and female education may mean backwardness and may be linked with lower economic growth, which explains the existence of economic inequality between countries. Labor market success is linked to schooling achievement, the consequences of expanding differences in schooling is likely to be further increases in earnings inequality Inequality exists in countries whereby government allocate more on schools in rich neighborhoods than in poor

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