Essay On Inequality In The Workplace

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What is inequality at work? Does good management eliminate inequality?

The 21st century is all about management. The key to success in the 21st century is good management. Regardless of the sector you 're working in, be it industrial, technical, social etc, it all requires proper management and functioning.
Management is basically the process of getting people to work together with the aim of achieving targets and objectives effectively and efficiently.
In order to achieve success, the business should have proper planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling, which are the key components of management.

The major problem faced by the work sector is Inequality at work. There is inequality on the basis of gender, sexuality, race
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Racial discrimination can be avoided by putting strict laws and regulations. Management should keep a track of the number of non- native nationals working in the organisation and promote their respective nations by holding cultural and traditional programs. The organisation should aim to build goodwill amongst the employees by showing the native employees that people of the other races have so much to offer and can be a valuable addition towards the overall development of the workforce, This will make employees welcome the global employees and adjust with them faster. Racial discrimination can be further subdued by holding employee exchange programs. Employee exchange programs helps the employees to get familiar with different cultures and distinct working environments. The organisation should promote a sense of belongingness and the major focus of every employee should be towards the development of overall performance of the company. The focus of every employee should be towards company’s goals and targets and personal differences should be kept aside. Employees should feel that they are working in a professional environment and there should be no place for racism. Global companies and MNC’s can reduce racial inequalities by holding different nation days, having a mixed culture work environment and employee

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