Essay On Inequality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, in Maycomb County, there are unfair events that happen to people because of wrong things that others believe in. Since people in Maycomb County believe in those preconceived ideas, some of the characters like Walter Cunningham, the negroes, and Scout don’t get equal rights. Even if it’s the early 1930s, inequality still exists to this day: social, gender, and race/color. In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, readers can see that prejudice and bias creates inequality. One reason why inequality is a central problem in To Kill A Mockingbird is where you stand in the economy. For an example, “ But I want to play with Walter, why can’t I? Scout asked. She took off her glasses and and stared at me. “ I’ll tell you why, she said. “ Because he - is - trash , that’s why you can’t play with him. I’ll not have you around him picking up his habits and Lord- knows what.” Said Aunt Alexandra. ( Lee 301) This shows inequality because other kids besides the Ewells and the Cunningham are called trash. It’s not right that just because you’re poor you’re called trash. Also, “Cry about the simple heck people give other people -without even thinking. Cry about heck white people give colored folks, without even stopping to think that they’re people, too. “ said Mr. Raymond. ( 269) This is crucial because it shows how much damage is being done to african americans; it shows that even if people know that what they’re doing is wrong, people do it because of preconceived ideas.…show more content…
“ Scout, I’m tellin’ you for the last time, shut your trap or go home - I declare to the lord you’re gettin’ more like a girl every day! Jem said. ( Lee 69) Jem is telling Scout that in a genuinely mean way. What’s wrong with being a girl? There’s absolutely no reason to tell someone, “ Oh, you’re acting like a girl.” Jem said that to Scout like she was powerless compared to
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