Essay On Inequality In Zimbabwe

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“...However desirable it may be, the members of the two races should live together side by side with equal rights. As regards the holding of land, we are convinced that in practice, probably for generations to come, such a policy is not practicable or in the best interest of the two races, and that until the Native has advanced very much further on the path of civilization, it is better that the points of contact in this respect between the two races should be reduced…” This is the result of an overrunning of a black society by white europeans. Inequality formed in Zimbabwe during the colonial period due to the fact that the area of which it was located offered great land resource benefits which many people strived to consume. Unfortunately, this area of Southeast Africa which african tribes once owned and ruled independently, was increasingly taken over by whites from Europe, mainly England. The distribution of resources from the sacred land along with many other needed services such as health, education, housing, etc, was unequally divided by…show more content…
While these political and physical conflicts have come to an end with the new compromise in the government, other results from this conflict are still around such as the hyperinflation that has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy. This problem again stems back to the colonial times. Later when the new government declared independence Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s new leader, blew these percentages out of proportion in order to justify his redistribution of land to the poorer population. While this did move the nation a very small step closer towards equality, it destroyed the production of cash crops that the economy was based on, destroying the economy and blowing inflation far out of
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