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The influence of mass media has changed over time due to the increased coverage. The coverage can be attributed the growth of technology. The influence of the mass media has also grown with the growth of the mass media. Cultural values, family systems and beliefs of many groups of people in the community have also changed with time. The media has more leeway to influence the attitudes, beliefs, morale and views of people in the society. But it has been claimed as having a negative influence in the society by causing people to act violently as what they observe in it. Teenagers and young adults nowadays are addicted on using social media sites that makes them feel lazy and become unproductive. Also, mass media has been viewed as having a negative influence through advertisements that seen by young children. They do the things that they watched on television or see in the Internet. Lastly, the mass media is being used by the corrupt politicians to win an election. And the result of all of this is an erosion of culture and morals in the society. The mass media has…show more content…
Food advertisements have been seen to target young children to eat junk food and the result is that the children become obese. Since most parents do not encourage their children to engage in physical activity, the result is that the children become obese after eating the easily available foods advertised in the media. The media then turns around, and tells the same young children that society only approves of people who are thin. They do this through portraying images of thin people as being acceptable and favored in the society. Some of the young children bow to the pressure and try strict unhealthy dieting, binge eating followed by forced purging of the food contents and many other unhealthy processes, all to become thin and get accepted into the society which is not appropriate for the young

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