Essay On Influence Of Television On Youth

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How has the television influenced the youth today? Lists of TV are for both of entertainment and education, they show different cultures or cities, allow youth to see and know into situations outside their own lives. So, television makes youth to be more socially aware. However, television can influence youth negatively, because the actors or actresses become youth idols, where viewers try to follow the characteristics of what they see on the screen. Since television is mostly for the entertainment, drama is very important. When characters show bad decisions for entertainment of the show, a youth may follow those characters, and eventually this can lead to sex, violence, or drug abuse. “Television viewing makes humans to copy wrong behaviors, in different places of their living, action methods improved when seeing on the screen.” (Kottak, 1990, p.3)…show more content…
They are able to get more information about different places that they have never been just by watching on television. Watching television influences the ways youth sees the world, and often influences how teens dress, what kind of popular music that they are listening to, what brands they think are favorite, how to make-up, how to lose weight, how to cook, how to eat right, how to exercise in right way and direct to the point, get news around the world, what is the most popular thing that teens do, or what dramas or series they think are favorite. Television has many programs like recommending places where popular places to travel or interesting places, some show about history period, some show about natures of different countries or continents, and some show about animals in this world. Television has both of positive and negative but depend on youth will use it in which

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