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Each year, thousands of children around the world begin formal musical instrument learning. Ho, W. C. (2011, p. 8) Many Hong Kong parents want their children to learn musical instruments and take part in public examinations such as the ABRSM (footnotes 1) in the hope that this will bring them both happiness and success (Hiebert, 1993; Zhang, 2004). Their teachers might include all the constituent parts of a graded performance examination (Mills, 2007), and usually focused on reading and motor skills in their curriculum (Odam 1995, p.31). However, Hong Kong students were consumption and preferences for popular music (Ho, 2004, 2008). Green writes, “we can surmise that many children and young people who fail and drop out of formal music education, far from being either uninterested or unmusical, simply do not respond to the kind of instruction it offers” (2001, p.9). She suggests that informal music learning methods may increase enthusiasm and commitment to music, enhance motivation, and musical skills (Wright p.212). Informal music learning…show more content…
The field of private music teachers may still be the source of traditional skills and knowledge of art music (Schippers2010, p. 97). Informal learning let pupils choose music for themselves (Kastner, J. ,2014 & Allsup, 2003) and learning practices informal learning could possibly enhance motivation and increase a range of musical skills (Green, 2008). For example, Vincent was fourteen piano student in a formal individual learning. He loved to play popular music and hated to practice excises of scale and appegio. His teacher let him play his favorite popular music within a part of his piano lesson. After two months, he knew scale and appegio playing can help him to play popular music better, so he played technique work hard in following

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