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2.1.1. The International Discourse of Informal Settlements During recent years several debates have framed different characteristics that define informality. Informality was first introduced alongside with the economy discourse among developing countries. It has been analyzed that “modern” economies have provided uncontrolled systems accessed by the low-income and migrants groups as a survival pattern through informal markets (Herre, Fokdal, 2011). Urban informality has been introduced in planning paradigm in 1990 as a way to describe irregular forms of planning. Defining those forms seems rather complex, as they involve variant terminologies (Herre, Fokdal, 2011). Informal settlement is a recent appellation compared to the term slum. It was used to describe the poorest neighborhoods with improper activities, and is well known as ‘regimen of congestion’ (UN-Habitat, 2003, 64). Recently the term has progressed. Depending on its form, scholars use a variety of characterization to refer to informal settlement, such as squatter settlements, illegal settlements, or spontaneous settlements. Some scholars see these definitions as…show more content…
Generally the term slum is given by the planners. It describes a high populated city fragment, and is esthetically poor (UN-Habitat, World Bank, 1999). The local aspects and growth patterns are variants factors that enable providing universal informal settlements definition. However, informal settlements share certain characteristics and particular urban features. They provide accommodation for the low-income groups , who witness the retreat of political power and lack of public services which propagate poverty. The incomes of the poor population are considerably low for them to enter the formal market or afford proper housing, therefore they become self-responsible on building their own houses without any governmental help (Roy,

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