Information Security In Healthcare

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Information Security in Health Care Industry
Today, technology has become such an important aspect of many a people who can afford and as well as those who cannot afford it. Now a day’s technology has entered into each and every field of life. As we all know that the health care industry growing up and develop rapidly so as there will be a much more development so there must be a security issue in all the manner that security may be a physical security or we can say the information security, etc.
So on today we are going to discuss on the topic of information security issues in health care industry. As we all know that today’s world become
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Here while we are talking about the biometric security there is different ways such as thumb impression, retina scanning, knuckle scanning etc. this technique is also more expensive as compare to smart card and traditional way also this technique is not a highly portable but as they are more secure so that’s why an organization must prefer this technique.
History of information security in health care industry In the early days of the invention of computers it was limited only to government organizations. Later on slowly and gradually some wealthy companies started buying computer to ease their work and expand their business.
Those affluent individuals started buying computers for their personal use. Slowly and gradually the computers started becoming a commodity of day to day life…And then came the internet boom, which changed the scenario of the computers.
With invent of Internet, every household started having internet on their computer, you name it and you get it on the internet. Internet was used for sending and receiving mails, working from remote places, accessing data, getting information about various topics, playing online games, shopping, banking, and n number of
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In simple words, various precautions taken for protecting a computer or computer systems against illegal, unauthorized access or attack. Information security can also be defined as the protection of computer systems, their networks and the data in cyberspace.
In computing terms, security mostly implies to Information security. Information security can also be referred to IT security which focuses on protecting computers, their networks, the programs which are executed and run on them and data which is used as information.
There are various elements of an Information Security:
1) Application Security
When you are using a computer it has to have a lot of applications. When you are using any software, its hardware, and other methods to protect these applications from threats is called as Application security.
2) Information Security
The process of protecting the information of your organization and of yourself from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification is called as Information security

3) Network Security
In Network security the network administrator takes preventive measures to protect the network from unauthorized access. Network security has the authorization of users.
4) Disaster

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