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Information Systems Used In Tesco
Tesco is Ireland’s and England’s leading retailer and ranked as one the top three international retailers with a presence in 13 countries. The use of information systems within Tesco has played a key role in its success. Tesco has used information systems to gain competitive advantage over its competitors by been able to reduce cost, increase sales and increase efficiency within the organization. Tesco uses a variety of information systems within its organization, these systems assist the company in operating at levels ranging from the operational level to executive. It is the structure of these systems which allow the business to run effectively, to ensure that the correct decisions are made and reports are compiled for effective management. Tesco has installed a information systems which controls stock, records what customers are buying, monitors what needs to be restocked and gives a clear picture of what is happening in the store. Managers use these information Systems to help them understand their customers more which in return assists them in increasing sales.
Tesco uses information systems throughout their stores to help improve the customers shopping experience. As every customer experiences the checkout process, Tesco information
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When stock falls below a set level more is ordered. Automatic links with suppliers means stock can be re-ordered as soon as it has been sold, greatly reducing the physical effort of stock ordering and minimising the errors involved with manual

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