Essay On Information Technology In Education

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Ng Hwee kiat, the former senior lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic.Kiat studied computer integrated manufacturing at Nanyang Technological University, lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. The article was written on 10th April ,2012.The article is based and is relevant to today's society because technologies has been increasing rapidly in few years thus giving more knowledge on what information technology will provide in coming years to people. The intended audience is the students and teachers of particular organization. The main purpose of the article is to raise awareness about information technology and how Information Technology has improved the facilities such as education system and commercial activities. However the main issue being discussed…show more content…
According to Negroponte, it is evident and also recommended the use of Information Technology in the education system, where it is rapidly increasing, whereas also examined the impacts of information technology on the future of human life and work force. Thus he mentioned that Information Technology provides an informative and detailed history about technology and predictions for future use. Therefore information technology will be more advanced to organizations where true and knowledgeable information are delivered.
Moving on, Kiat relates the arguments on how the information technology in education system has a sudden increase. As for students information technology is self-centered due to the change in today’s system of working life .As in coming years students will differ using the software and equipment to their work force. Whilst the negative issue in using Information Technology is that if students and teachers start using information technology they’ll simply be depending on computers, instead of solving equations and doing research on
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