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There are thousands of ways to communicate but the most powerful tool to convey ideas, feelings, and knowledge from one person to another is Language.
What is Language?
The word Language can be defined as : “any system of formalized symbols, signs, sounds, gestures, or the like used or conceived as a means of communicating thought, emotion, etc.”
Although one of the main feature of language is communication, it is important to differentiate human language from the communication of nonhuman animals (Animal Language). Animal communication lacks the properties that make human language unique.
Language makes it possible to create new and unique sentences because it has a structure that is (1) hierarchical and (2) governed by rules.
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(How do people learn language?)

Is Language Innate?
It’s been a controversy to know whether language is innate or not. Here, Chomsky again argued that humans possess a language acquisition device consisting of innate knowledge of grammatical structure. Some exposure to the language environment is required by Children to develop language. Such exposure determines which specific language any given child will learn. It should be pointed out that many experts regard the entire notion of an innate grammar as implausible. For example, Bishop (1997) argued as follows:

“What makes an innate grammar a particularly peculiar idea is the fact that innate knowledge must be general enough to account for acquisition of Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Malay, as well as sign language acquisition by deaf children.”
Bickerton (1984) put forward the language bioprogramme hypothesis, which is closely related to Chomsky’s views. According to this hypothesis, children will create a grammar even if not exposed to a proper language during their early years. Some of the strongest support for this hypothesis comes from the study of pidgin languages. These are new, primitive languages created when two or more groups of people having different native languages are in contact with each

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