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Inner-city schools, located in poorer and violent parts of town, generally have a lower level of income than suburban schools. Inner city schools consist of schools in poorer areas. These schools often lack the necessary means to help their students achieve. Inner city schools, portray how wealth divides in America, leaving many African American children to go to school in old beaten down buildings. Inner city schools, which show years of wear, provide children with an unfair opportunity against suburban schools. The injustices in inner city schools push the achievement gap farther apart. The community must act to help narrow the achievement gap, and provide the kids attending these schools to a fair opportunity to succeed. Current education in inner city schools lacks resources needed to push children to achieve at their…show more content…
The school buildings themselves average 44 years old. In today 's schools, bathrooms lack care, and most schools lack a form of a heating and/or cooling system. In the heat of summer and the cold of winter schools become uncomfortable for both students and faculty. Schools also contain older water fountains and amenities. Without clean water fountains, children risk the chance of becoming ill, and having basic amenities provides children with a more comfortable learning environment. Technology has become an important factor in learning, but inner city schools cannot afford new technology equipment. With older school buildings comes the question of safety. Schools should provide a safe and positive place for children to attend. About half of inner city schools need repairs and modernization. These renovations would cost a whopping 197 billion dollars. Now, the budget just does not exist for every school to receive improvements. Taking care of the schools, and making them a clean place will make them more

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