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Describe what was innovative in fashion , art and society during the decade of the 1920s: The 1920s was a period of unconstrained optimism with people looking to the future and putting their trust in technological progresses. The First World War had changed the very fabric of society, and in its wake had brought women unmatched freedoms, and of course this was reflected in the fashions they chose to wear. From silk sack dresses and T-bar shoes to tight-fitting cloche hat and elegantly casual sportswear, the story of Fashion is never just a story. Fashion is part of culture, and it`s not created in an ivory tower. It is a visual language , full of clues were we can read about the morals and values of the society that produced it.No other decade is quite so alive and vivid in popular…show more content…
Numerous films; TV shows; exhibitions and books have been dedicated to the era and the various movements, with it, and fashion plays a pivotal role in all of these. It would be impossible to picture the Twenties without imagining young flappers in beaded dresses; with short hair and boyish silhouettes dancing the night away. In term of films , the 1920s opened with Olive Thomas starring in : The Flappers as a naughty schoolgirl who falls from grace. The film cemented the link between the name, the look and the shocking identify of the flapper a concept that was disseminated throughout the decade by amongst others Clara Bow in “ The Plastic Age” and “It”, Louise Brooks in “Pandora`s Box” and “Diary of a Lost girl” and Joan Crawford in “Our Dancing Daughters”. The flapper was young, boyish , had buckets of sex appeal, paraded around in shift dresses and fur coats, and wore cloche hats over her bobbed hair. Its as much a cultural misunderstanding to think that all women in the 1920s. dressed in close-fitting hats and bold, colourful beaded dresses, as it is to imagine that all

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