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Wings of insects: Insect wings are outgrowths of the insect exoskeleton. Insect wings are present in adult form. They are found on the the mesothorax and metathorax. Two pairs of wings are present one pair is forewing and second pair is hind wings. Few insects lack hind wings. The wings are made up of two membranes of cuticle that are support by a series of veins. The pattern of veins called the venation. The venation is very regular and show various modification. It is very helpful in the identification. Morphology of insect wings: Internal: Each wing consist of a system of veins which is support thin membranes. these thin membranes are formed by two integuments layers which are closely opposed. Where two layers are separated, veins are formed there. In…show more content…
• Anal marign: the posterior margin of the wing is called anal margin. Three angles of wings are given below: • humeral angle: the wing is attached to the thorax by humeral angle • apical angle: the angle present between the costal and apical margin Fields: Areas of wings are determined and subdivide by the fold lines onward the wing can bend. There are 4 different fields present on the insect wings: • Remigium: the veins support the anterior area of wing. This anterior area called remigium • Anal area (vannus): the soft posterior area of wing called anal area or vannus. • Jugal area: small membranous area direct to the base of anal area. • Axillary area: it is a region consists of axillary sclerites. • Alula: pair of a membranous node. Muscles: In insects muscles control the flight which is 10 to 30% of the total body weight. The muscles are of two types according to the flight in insects. • Indirect: in indirect the muscles of insects attach to the tergum rather than wings. • Direct: In direct muscle, the contact is exactly from the thoracic wall to the single sclerites located at the base of the insect wing Types of

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