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The Amazing Story of Instant Coffee
Instant coffee can be found in any part of the world. It is the best choice for people that enjoy looking for a cheap and fast caffeine booster.
Before you take the instant coffee or completely ignore it, do you know more about it? Let’s check this quick coffee choice that is common in the world, even though for easy accessibility.
What is Instant Coffee?
Instant coffee is similar to the regular brewed coffee through the removal of all the water.
The preparation process is not strange, and no mysterious chemical reaction takes place. In fact, instant coffee is still the best coffee.
In most cases, instant coffee can be referred to as: Soluble Coffee – This is because it dissolves completely in water
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Then, it was introduced to people by Japanese scientist called Satori Kato when he was working in Chicago.
In 1910, a chemist called George Constant Louis Washington created another process for preparing instant coffee when residing in Guatemala. He was a passionate coffee-drinker and was able to observe powdery particles on the top of his favorite silver coffee pot. He was able to make a dried crystal-like coffee just as we have today. His brand name was known as Red E Coffee.
In 1930, Nestle started refining the instant coffee after the Brazilian government influence the process. Shortly, the Switzerland-based company launched their instant coffee to the world market. The brand name they used to introduce the product is called “Nescafe,” the name originated from “Nestle” and “Cafe.” In 1965, they increased their instant coffee by offering Nescafe Gold, a processed freeze-dried instant coffee common in Europe.
Benefits of Instant Coffee
Instant coffee can be taken anywhere or in locations where there is no provision for the suitable kitchen such as offices, on trains or in drinking kiosks. Making coffee is more accessible than before with the introduction of single-serve instant coffees like Starbucks

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