Institutionalization In Nursing Home Essay

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Realizing that an individual cannot supply the adequate care a loved one needs is hard for anyone to deal with. Entering a nursing home means that the resident has a condition that signifies the loss of their good health. This condition may also prevent the resident from being able to care for himself or herself, making them dependent on others for some of their most basic needs. Making the decision to turn to health care professionals to provide care to a family member can have effects on the resident the can be very detrimental. The effects of institutionalization on elderly people are of significance both socially and physically currently, about 5% of elderly people in the united states live in long term care facilities. When a resident transfer from their home life to a nursing home the effects of this can impact the resident severely such their social interactions, abuse and weight loss.
Going into a nursing home can turn out to be a critical life experience if elderly people are afraid of losing their independence and identity after having moved into a nursing home. Social interactions are also affected during this bittersweet transition, when the resident is uprooted from their comfortable home life to a busy
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This is cause by many different things such as poor food quality being served, inability to eat or swallow or withholding of food by nursing staff. While the causes of weight loss might not always be a negligence case it 's the facility 's responsibility to monitor this very closely. Transitioning from home life to nursing home life can also affect the residents appite because their diet does not support the old eating habits they used to have. If the nursing home serves food the resident don 't like they will not eat, offering substitutions can solve this problem or doing a survey and complying different residents favorite

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