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Instructional Design Degree Do you enjoy working with people and would love to help them improve their skills as well as knowledge? Do you have a passion for education, but would like to help others in a more personalized manner instead of a standardized one? If so and you would enjoy working in a continually evolving field, then obtaining a degree in instructional design will be very beneficial. It is a career field where you get to design custom training solutions using creative techniques as well as the latest technologies. This means that as an instructional designer, you will be assisting people with learning in a manner that is not only easier, but more effective. Since you are directly assisting people with improving their knowledge,…show more content…
This involves taking the information that your audience has to learn and changing it into material that is both meaningful and clear. As an instructional designer your work should help learners to see the bigger picture, which is accomplished by putting the various bits of information together in a coherent manner. In short, as an instructional designer your job isn’t simply to present people with information, but to help them make sense of it. What Duties Might I Have As An Instructional Designer? One of your primary duties as an instructional designer will be to identify the learning needs of students by working with subject matter experts. You will then be required to develop objectives and make sure that the content you create is a match for those objectives. You might also have to rewrite and revise existing content in order to make it more suitable for learning needs. Additional media to support learning might also have to be created and it is often necessary to take original instructional materials and then adapt them to another format. How Much Can I Potentially Earn In This
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