Essay On Integrated Child Development

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INTRODUCTION India, a six decade independent country still strives hard to protect its children less than five years of age. According to UNICEF 2011 Report, India is the home to the largest number of children in the world with 20 percentage of 0-4 year child population. The number of live births in the country is estimated to be 27 million according to the same report, which again constitutes 20 percentage of total number of live births in the world. Contemporarily India contributes to more than 20 percentage of child deaths in the world, in about 1.83 million children die annually before completing their fifth birthday. While India has made significant gains in child survival in the age group 1-4 years since 1990(56 percentage decline) the overall decline in the child mortality was largely hindered by subdued progress in the age of neonatal deaths. Government implemented numerous programmes from pre-independence till millennium for health of the population after facing huge loss of population towards wrath of epidemics, water-borne diseases and lack of medicines. As part of eradication programmes Integrated Child Development Schemehas been initiated to protect women and children from epidemics and communicable diseases which are rampant during the stages of conceiving to nursing…show more content…
This programme is intended to improve the physical, psychological and social development of children through a network of project centres spread all over the country. A number of trained persons are involved in delivering the package of services and monitoring the
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