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Integrated education is an important and controversial educational issue in Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong government, it mentioned that we should let people with special needs into the society. All schools have the responsibility to enroll students who need special educational needs (Education Bureau, 1977). Hong Kong government have launched integrated education in 1970's. Integrated education which aims to provide children with a caring educational environment hopes children with special needs and the general student can learn together (Education Bureau, 2014). It aims to make no division and differences between special needs student and the general student. It helps children with special educational needs to merge
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Children with special educational needs will have the opportunity to receive the same standard of normal schooling. Experts and scholars advocated integrated education because students with special educational needs should be educated with ordinary students in the general class (Gartner & Lipsky, 1987; Giangreco & Putnam, 1991) The ideas of teaching everyone without discrimination avoid the label effect of between disabilities and the normal people. Also, it provides the concept of the zero refused. The integrated education includes the educational philosophy of zero refused, integration of the class arrangement, barrier-free learning environment, cross-team education services and individualized education program (Ms. Fu, n.d). The government though that integrated education can improve overall educational effectiveness and cost effectiveness. It can address the diversity of society and the basic needs for general schools (Norwich, 1996). The objective is to develop the potentials of every student (Education Bureau, 2014). Different scholars support the scaffolding theory and the zone of proximal development that children's learning is like building structures. If students who need some special educational needs, it can provide sufficient support and helps so that it can stimulate a person's largest potential (Wood, Bruner & Ross, 1976). It can benefit the special educational needs students to tackle with their learning problem. Also, it can help special educational needs students who come back into the society, contribute to the society and the

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