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2.2 DIMENTIONS OF INTEGRATION There is a large volume of published studies describing about the integration of refugees in the host countries. However, Different studies give different aspects of integration of refugees. Some are limited and narrow, while others are comprehensive and extensive. There are different domains of integration of refugees, economic integration (participation in the labor market), political integration (turnout), and social integration (networking and participation in organization (Hagelund&Loga, 2009) Hegeland and Loga fails to give other aspects of integration; the role of family reunion to the integration of refugees, right to have permanent residence and nationality to integration of integration and the impact of discrimination to integration of…show more content…
Furthermore, within the social network aspect of integration, there are three domains; social bridges; the ability of the refugees to create a network with other members of other communities in the host community (Agar&Strang, 2008). Social bonds, (social relation of people who have the same background) social links (contact with the institutions of the host country, including local, regional and central government services (Agar &Strang, 2004, p.4). Ager and Strang (2008) emphasize the fact that integration is more than achieving equality and getting the services in the host country. Furthermore, they found out that, societal connections and networks at the communal level are the apparatus of integration. In the same way, Bosswick and Heckmann (2006) describe social integration

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