Essay On Integrity And Civility

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Integrity and Civility play what role in today’s society? I would like to begin by saying "thank you" to the judges of this speech contest and their organizers of the Lions Club of Makalu. You have given us an opportunity to challenge ourselves in public speaking which will stimulate our confidence. You have also given us a chance to express our thoughts about integrity and civility in today 's society. First of all, There are a lot of ways that Integrity and Civility affect our world today. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having moral principles. Civility is formal politeness and respect in behavior or speech. Integrity and civility can be seen in people all around us. One of these people who was very respected for his honesty, his principals, his behavior, and speech was Martin Luther King Jr. He was an activist, the leader…show more content…
Recently in Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school which is located in Parkland, Florida, a school shooting took place. This shooter took seventeen innocent people 's lives some were the students who had the desire to learn, and become something and some were teachers who had the ability to show a student the contrast between right and wrong. The shooter was a former student from the school, who had been expelled for trying to start a fire in the school building. If this person had integrity, the ability to accept that he was wrong and if he just had civility or respect for others. He was against people with color and required mental help, he had also created a youtube channel and recorded videos saying he wanted a gun, and he wanted to kill people, he couldn 't admit his mistake and didn 't try to improve. After getting expelled he had been trying to seek attack. Therefore this relates to my topic as he had lost his integrity and

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