Essay On Intercultural Communication

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The following essay aims to discuss what intercultural communication requires of co-workers and how it may be the reason an organisation fails or is a success. The aim is to look into things like cultural norms and whether it is easy to communicate with people who don’t have the same values, attitude, and behavioural patterns, how an organisation gets affected when there are parties that are not willing to set aside stereotypes and hear says that they receive about cultures different to theirs, whether diversity in an organisation can be controlled and can be used as an asset or not. There are many barriers in communication between people of different cultures but there are also ways to overcome the barriers and the following will be a breakdown…show more content…
Intercultural communication shows the cultures of the society and of the organization where the project different cultures meet to create a new one. Managing international organisations which involve partners from collectivist societies, requires that one should bear in mind that discussing a person’s performance or abilities openly with him or her is likely to clash head-on with the society’s harmony norm and may be felt by the subordinate as an unacceptable loss of face whereas it is coming from a good place even though it isn’t a more subtle, indirect way of giving feedback, such as through the withdrawal, because managers and employees should establish an atmosphere of trust and open communication. Listening skills should be educated to the SABMiller staff so that there won’t be mixed communication and there won’t be cases of he said she said (word of mouth cases) and when the employees of SAB Millers talk to each other, they need to be sensitive to each other’s communication especially the one non-verbally. Employees of SABMiller should be trained to keep peace in the organisation and make sure that there isn’t conflict, but when the inevitable happens they should also know how to resolve the conflict.
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