Essay On Interest In Social Work

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1. How has your interest in social work developed? How have significant life experiences, relationships and work experiences influenced the development of your interest in social work? I have always been drawn to help others; I always nurtured a great curiosity and interest in wanting to understand causes and mechanisms of social phenomena and the human mind. I felt that way since I was a child. I am from a little town in Italy, where the community was the most important thing we had. If our coordinator was organizing an activity, I was always volunteering. Our community was always providing amazing opportunities for us youths: summer camps, helping those in needs at various hospitals, Christmas caroling, raising money for charities,…show more content…
I am from a different country, that speaks a different language and that has different culture from the United States. I was often treated and judged differently because of my accent; some people never experienced different cultures other than the one they are in. I had the opportunity to visit many countries, but also many states, and I met people from different backgrounds. Being diverse helped me becoming more understandable, and humbler towards everyone. It also gave me a chance to expand my knowledge towards different cultures. In some way, being diverse made me a stronger person. I also felt alone and hopeless many times. Diversity is seen as bad, often, because it is proclaimed as such. Being diverse is part of our selves. Each of us is different from the other. Even two homozygous twins are not entirely identical to each other. The diversity between individuals depends on the unique and unrepeatable history that each one of us lives. It is also structural because it depends from our genetic code. In fact, there is not a single strand of human DNA equal to another. After experiencing intolerant people during the last few years, I know I want to make a difference. I want to educate people to love diversity, to admire diversity, to learn from
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