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Conflict arises when a problem needs to be solved or there is a struggle between two different forces. A conflict occurs any time a choice has to be made. A conflict also occurs any time someone tries to stop someone else from doing from doing or trying to do something. Conflict can be classified broadly into two different categories, namely, external and internal. Further classification can be made for external conflict, namely, Man vs. Man and Man vs. Nature. External conflict comes into play when a leader is in question. Internal conflict or Man vs. Self comes into play when a leader has to make a tough choice.
With the evolution of the modern society and marketplace, the modern organization also needs to evolve. Certain factors governing these changes are those linked with politics,
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If one wants a successful functioning of their environment, it is of utmost importance that any sort of conflict be resolved. Promotion of someone’s ideas or ideologies on others by force generally leads to conflict. Conflicts are also created under situations that give rise to feelings of fear and sense of fairness. Conflicts also arise when there are differences in background, orientation, attitudes, needs, values, viewpoints and personalities. These points are substantiated by examples in our Vedic literature, from our freedom struggle and somewhat from my personal experience. Being in XLRI has given me a lot of ups and downs. The most special of them being in the Marketing Association of XLRI (MAXI) for two years in a row. However, being in the second year, you have to select one amongst you as the Secretary of the committee. The person that we selected has led the team well, however on certain occasions he has the tendency to micro manage. Now, all of us being at the same level, it tends to be like stepping on others toes and not allowing them to work freely. Without this freedom to work properly, there have been several instances where

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