Internal Influences In Business Essay

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Internal Influences have an extraordinary impact on any business worldwide. These include basically everything from where the business was located and how the business runs. The location of any business is always important for the success of the business, this must be convenient for all customers because if it in the middle of nowhere then you wouldn’t get a lot of clients, for example; if Young People don’t know that Prospects, national careers service is available to them they might not get the help that they need to find what they are looking for whether that be Employment or Education. Internal Influences can be inner strengths and weaknesses that an organization can show. Internal factors can be a strong effect on how well the company goes out to meet their goals which could be strengths if they have a high impact on how the business performs. It could also be a weakness if it has a dangerous effect on the business if no clients come back to use the products or services again in the future. There are four main types of resources available to a business, these include;
Human Resources
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Positive communication doesn’t have to just be shown in a face-to-face conversation it can also be shown in an email, newsletter, letter, memo, telephone call, presentation and even on a website, it can even be shown in a variety of other ways. Having positive communication in any of those would help the other person/people can understand you a lot clearer. Being a good listener is also always important when communicating with other people in the business so you can understand and give an input in to the communication. ‘Confidence ensures your co-workers that you believe in and will follow through with what you are

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