Essay On International Culture

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For business people, it’s a great value when understanding other people’s languages, culture, and etiquettes when it comes to dealing or visiting other country for business purposes. Each country has different culture and different ways from one another such as in music, food, clothing, architecture, religious practices, ways of greetings and others. Basically, culture can be define as in one broad interpretation, as everything human-made, whether ideas, objects, or ways of acting. It’s also as a way of acting and thinking in a certain context, that is, in a particular time and place (Valtonen, 2007). Other author cited culture is a pattern of feeling, thinking and acting (Hofstede, 1991). In business industry, when attempting
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There are some examples that show how the culture really influence the business such as Back Alley Brutal, the Xbox game developed by Dream Publishing and published by Microsoft Game Studios was pulled back from the market because the fact that verses from the Qur’an could be heard in the background and caused extremely negative reaction from many Muslims who believe the Qur’an should be treated with great respect. This action actually can cause the firm to loss in financially as they loss millions of dollars and they didn’t get any money or profit return from the action. Further example which is the makers of Barbie realized that little girls around the world had different skin colours, wore different clothes, had different types of hair, and had completely different names. As a result, countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and Venezuela have all sold Barbie dolls unique to their particular country towards the wants and needs of their buyers ( Augustyniak, Michael J.,2007 ). The cost of doing business probably would be the cost of production which is they can’t produce it in mass production as every country required different models of Barbie. Other than that, the cost of doing research to see the culture and custom of that particular country for the Barbie
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