Essay On International Peace

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When people try to make the link between the behavior of states as well as people situation in the international system this require a deep study of what the international system itself is. In fact, international relation can be identifying as the neighborly relations between states in the global world. And these relations are mainly base on the need of state to security, and wealth for the states as well as for the people living in these states. At the beginning of the relations, the main goal was to reduce the cost causes by the distance being between two states. For the international relation to well work, peace has been centralized into the international system. Because without peace no relation can happened and be efficient. However, theories such as Realism and…show more content…
Liberalist goal is promote all these right and freedom to human trough the laws and the institutions put in place by the system and to give the right to people to be treated equally. Next to these ideologies, realist also are strongly believing in the concept of the right of people to have their private properties, the right to do business with any one they may want, and the right of people to free economic trade or exchange without worrying about the reaction of the state nor it interference in his activities unless their legal. At that point some philosopher such as Kant (1795) centered and argues on the relation that exists between institutions and the people being monitor by those institutions. “Democracy leads to global peace”. People will accept his ruling because he exercises his authority with the consent of the people. Since, sovereign government is the key word of liberalism, they is no reasons that can come to contest his authority. One particular branch of liberalism is the institutionalism liberal which is emerged and settle the foundations of the League of Nations. For institutionalism liberal the state should guarantee and provide the need of the people for
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