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What Key Historical developments have shaped the international society?

In my attempt to answer the question above, I will first start by defining the meaning of the term “international society” before moving onto listing the main historical developments that have helped shape it, starting from the Peace of Westphalia to the international society of today. Although the essay will not delve into the deepest of details of every event, for there are too many and it would be academically negligent to cherry pick, it will try to highlight the main implications they have had on the international society.

What is meant by international society?

According to Bull the international society as that of states with common interests and values, basing
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The Nazi Party in the 20’s exploited the negative economic climate and people’s feeling of humiliation and in 1933 it rose to power with the election of Adolf Hitler as the chancellor of Germany, bringing to an end the Weimer Republic that was established after WWI. Hitlter grew increasingly aggressive. In 1936 He remilitarised the Rhineland in violation of the Versailles Treaty and in 1938 invaded Czechoslovakia under the pretense of protecting the 3 million ethnic Germans living in the Sudetenland following the Munich agreement. In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and which in turn brought in France and Britain to the conflict.
The WWII would prove to be of great significance in shaping the international society of today. Germany remained relatively victorious and in a good position until the arrival of The United States on the scene, brought in by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour, which tipped the balance in favour of The Allies.
The conflict caused Britain, France and Germany major economic damage and the countries engaged in laborious and long rebuilding efforts hampering their economic recovery and giving the US a prominently favourable situation, which was exemplified in the Bretton Woords Agreements and the Establishment of The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, with financial resources of both coming mainly from the
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