Essay On Internet Censorship

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Censorship of Internet
Legal Perspective
Being a relatively new medium to the world, though the many years that has passed, it is still hard to pass a law in terms of censoring contents floating in the digital world. Internet may be a free world of knowledge yet the internet is, at the same time, a mind corrupting knowledge mine field. Ultimately, it depends on the user itself.
Why would there exist a need to suppress and control what is on the internet? To control and to suppress is the reason why we need law. Many people hold strong on the belief that internet should be a place where information and data flows freely. Yet, from the government point of view, freedom isn’t always a good thing. There is also a point of view to counter and protect against child pornography or hate speech. Others include religious factor, terrorism as well as other sensitive information for different group of people in terms of age, countries and parties.
The governments of many countries are trying to mold the internet into a place that is safe not only for the users but also politically. The intent may be positive but what happens to the internet after the censorship can be lethal. Below are several bills and laws in regards of the censorship.
In 2012, the Congress of United States developed and wanted to
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(Xueyang Xu, 2010) It is widely known as the Great Firewall of China (GFC). The internet censorship in China is the most extensive effort to selectively censor human expression. (Kentaro Toyama, 2013). They had 1382 Chinese websites under close watch, with new posts tracked over close periodic intervals. The reason China would do such extreme censorship is mainly political reason. They have great, complex, extensive algorithm to track locations, filtering and blocking. The nature of the internet that the people of China had compared to Americans differs by
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