Essay On Internet Privacy

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In the modern world, our privacy is constantly being violated without our consent. This is due to information that is easily available. Whether you’re walking down the street, taking the subway, purchasing online items or in a store, chatting online, we are constantly under someone’s watch. Hacking, picture leaks and theft of private information are becoming recurrent issues in the 21st century. Some believe this may not be an issue but others are concerned with the impact it could have on our lives. The twentieth century was particularly marked by the growth of the Internet and the rise of social media programs. This has raised the population’s awareness about their privacy rights. A lot of information can be found online including credit card information, social security…show more content…
They were collecting data from social media, Internet search media, emails and even Skype sessions to create digital profiles of millions of US citizens who have never been accused of any crime. Many showed their dissaproval over this activity. Also, outrage over the Verizon Metadata program revealed by Edward Snowden, resulted in a number of lawsuits being filed, to combat what was viewed as a violation of online privacy rights. Privacy has also been issue on government’s websites. According to several reports, a lot of Federal websites don’t respects the values of Internet privacy. It is a very delicate issue considering the amount of information the government contains. An additional issue that we can make a note of with the government is how they try to get information from companies on their customers. Several years ago, this happened to Northwest Airlines when they received all information on their customers. They are trying to access records of citizens and the right the government has to get these records is an enormous issue in web
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