Internet Should Be Restricted Essay

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Name: Anastasiia Iegorova
Candidate Number: Internet must be limited for students
It is identifiable that internet, nowadays, is becoming more widely and easily distributed. It may be argued from many sides, but I, personally, agree with the statement and believe that the internet must be limited for young adults. Have you ever wondered how many hours in average a teenager spends going online? There are an abundance reasons why internet must be limited, such as following: cyberbullying, it is unhealthy, a large amount of time is spent online and not enough work is done by students, besides internet is like an addiction. Therefore, I can also add that going online isn’t always safe and it must be restricted.
To begin with my assumption that internet is not a safe or harmless place neither for kids, nor for adults. According to one of the sources, 24% of teenagers admit to be going online “almost constantly”, meaning that a huge amount of them might have further problems if they use the internet for a
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Talking in real life becomes a tough decision that not every young adult makes. Teenagers also become less creative and copy material from the internet without any problems, sometimes without an understanding of what is written. Nowadays, plagiarism has increased, meaning that the internet has a bad influence on teenagers and their way of thinking and managing things.
It is evident that the internet is an addiction for many of teenagers. However, going online does not necessarily bring only advantages, it also has many disadvantages such as: cyber bullying, health problems and problems with school. I believe that internet must be limited for students. For many teenagers, internet is a distraction and they don’t get on well in school as to the fact that they are ‘living in the other virtual

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