Essay On Interpersonal Conflict

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Interpersonal Communication and Relational Conflict “The continuous, complex, collaborative process of verbal and non verbal meaning-making” (Stweart,). Interpersonal communication is a process where two or more people share some symbolic messages thru sending and receiving. Humans feel the need of companionship, and this need may be explained by William Schurtz, whom explains that a need is a strong desire that must be met for a person to feel a sense of satisfaction. This need also can be divided among 3 types, inclusion, control, and affection. An interpersonal communication is a bond we make with people, and there are different ways to form this bond. For example, based on Froemling’s book, we can form a bond by proximity, similarity, attractiveness, complementarily, rewards and self-disclosure. In addition, when we create some relationship, we also create a stage in which we need to go through during the development of a relationship. Mark Knapp created a relationship development model that looks at five stages of relationship development. These stages are: initiating, experimenting, intensifying,…show more content…
A relational conflict occurs when the goals of interdependent people are incompatible and at least one person to communicate to others about the incompatibility (Froemling et at, 2011). Conflict also has phases such as: latent, perceived, felt, manifest, and aftermath (Hingst, Lindsay PowerPoint). Any conflict brings positive and negative consequences. We can also learn with conflict and how to manage them. And relational conflicts also bring some issues based on behavioral, normative, personality and moral conflict. Moreover, communication is like a spiral and can go any direction, and when we have some conflict, the spiral is a degenerative communication spiral, when one party’s negative actions are reciprocated by
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