Essay On Interracial Relationships

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One of the goals of the American civil rights movements was to give all Americans equal rights. Sadly though, Americans still have to have discussions on certain civil rights topics. This is still happening, because many are close minded on certain topics, like racial equality. This causes more people to fight for their equal rights. Interracial Relationships have been fought for by Americans and are included in Civil Rights discussions.

People still fight for interracial relationships because there is a lot of negativity towards people in interracial relationships. As a matter of fact, a study done where test subjects were shown photos of interracial couples. The test subjects actually made the interracial couples not very human in thier minds. "In Skinner and Hudac’s version, the pictures were wedding photographs of same-race and different-race couples, and
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. According to the CDC, there are 300,000 interracial marriages as of 2000 which has increased steadily as time goes on ( People in interracial relationships impact areas around them. They do this by living in places where they are accepted which impacts the people in those areas. For example the most popular place where interracial couples live is Honolulu, Hawaii, and the least popular place where interracial couples live is Jackson, Mississippi. ( Coupled with the last point, interracial relationships impact so many lives is because of most older interracial marriage laws the least common type of interracial relationships is black/white. Some people are affected by it. A likewise point, is how people are viewing it. In the book “Fade to Black and White: Interracial Images in Popular Culture” By Erica Chito Childs many people still are not very okay with interracial relationships People still can be racist towards people in said
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