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Intervertebral Disc Disease Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a congenital disease meaning it is present at birth. IVDD is a trauma to the spinal cord that is caused from the hardening of the discs, the discs loose moisture and harden, which no longer cushion the vertebrae along the spine. When the disc weakens to a certain degree it herniates. It can be difficult to pin point the beginning of symptoms. Some dogs only have one episode in their life time. But others have multiple on going episodes. What is happening inside the dog when they have IVDD: The dorsal (top) of the annulus fibrosis (the tough exterior that surrounds the soft inner core of the intervertebral disc) Is thinner than the inner core of the vertebral disc( Nucleus pulpsus) extrudes from the top of the annulus fibrous and may strike the spinal cord or compress it. Normal spine IVDD Spine In similar terms the disc is made up of two components, the inner, “cushiony” center, or NUCLEUS PULPOSUS and the outer ring called the ANNULUS FIBROSUS. In a normal intervertebral disc, the center…show more content…
Labrador retrievers don’t normally get IVDD unless obese and this was daymins case. He got blood tests done and x-rays to confirm it was IVDD, Based on the severity of his clinical signs the vet recommended he immediately be sent to a neurologist specialist. The owners sought out conservative medical treatment because of the price of the surgery. So they opted for crate rest. Daymin stayed in the vets for observation of his state. On examination he had no proprioception in his back legs, he had deep pain present, deep pain is the last thing the nerves let go of, When this is gone there is complete paralysis and without relieving the cause there is little hope the nerves will talk to the leg

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