Intimate Partner Violence: The Cause Of Domestic Violence

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Intimate Partner Violence is any act of physical violence purposely done to cause harm or the threat to cause harm, emotional and psychological abuse, as well as the threat or act of committing sexual abuse against a significant other, it can even go as far as stalking to financial abuse. Intimate Partner Violence does not discriminate on age, gender, race or the parties involved in a domestic relationship (same gender or opposite). It’s important to also understand that just because a relationship is, if the acts still continue it can and will still be considered a domestic violence case, and it can happen even if you are casually dating someone but not yet a couple. According to 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience…show more content…
It includes punching and hitting, biting, strangling, and is the intent to cause harm but not death, although death can occur. It is dangerous and has the potential to be deadly, for both males and females. Example of that would be the Jodi Arias murder case in which she stalked, harassed, and eventually killed her boyfriend Travis Alexander 10 years ago this June. Men are not exempt from being the victim of domestic violence even though it’s nice to think women cannot be as cruel to loved ones but according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 1 in 4 men are have been the victim of physical abuse in a relationship. Why don’t male victims get the same acknowledgment as female victims? Men are supposed to be stronger than female abusers and perhaps like the reason most people don’t report any domestic violent crime, they are too embarrassed to tell anyone. “ According to one study, 63% of males as opposed to 15% of females had a deadly weapon used against them in a fight with an intimate partner” (Men: The overlooked Victims….1). Physical abuse is often associated with control and power over the victim and most often includes emotional and/ or psychological abuse within the…show more content…
Financial abuse may also be the main reason why a partner will not leave the relationship; they are to dependent on the abuser for money and if they leave, they will literally have nothing. It ranges from controlling job opportunities, such as preventing one to get a job, getting them fired purposely, deciding when and if they can use the money- whether it is their money or not. To me, this is potentially the worst of all when it comes to staying in a relationship, while all abuse involved some type of control over another human being within the relationship, financial literally prevents a person from leaving. Many victims do not leave an abusive relationship for many reason, the one thing every person leaving must have is money and if you’ve been dependent on one person for too long, haven’t had a job in a year or longer because of that person, they most likely will struggle worst because they will not be able to secure a

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