Essay On Introversion

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We must ask ourselves whether and how loneliness good for us, although we find among introverted people. Sometimes really believe in bad taste if it is of introversion creates some special drama, and make the entire community "introverted" or speaks of them as of a particular kind. It is true that an introverted person can not become an extrovert, but the insistence on observing extreme introversion as something that separates people think, label them, and some were a justification for inaction or laziness. So in this chapter I decided to find out the good and bad sides of seclusion and loneliness and to try to introduce a variety of causes of loneliness, not all of the consequences of introversion. Solitude in the sense of solitude, the search space and time in which a man to devote himself, has its positive connotations, and not necessarily that it is pronounced with negative overtones. Man is a social being, but also has the need to "be" with himself, arrange things in a collage of his life in the right way. Each of us should be a time when we make choices, we decide, we do to ourselves, to the spiritual field and the intellectual. As far as interaction with people is of crucial importance for human development, is so important and self-awareness and self-development, it is time for yourself. The quality of both the…show more content…
Frequent vital files, usually associated with a sense of loss of loved ones, when people remain completely in the physical sense. In such a situation one can not escape the impression that the force of destiny, some higher power or powers, brought to a state of solitude, against his will, and especially without the need to be alone. If a stable personality, she will one period of life that loneliness process in a rational way, you will not see it as the end of the world. Life goes on, these forms of solitude leave their mark on the personality, but not "unworkable". Each person will find their own way to express
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