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TOP 20 MOST POPULAR CAR COLOR According to a survey, there are almost 1 billion cars that are used worldwide today. The invention of cars were phenomenal because it brought big change in the lives of people. It was, on the year 1768, when the first moving vehicle capable of transporting people was created. It was solely powered by a steam and was invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. Francois Isaac de Rivaz made the first car which moved with the use of hydrogen. It was during the year 1886 when Karl Benz invented a car that was fueled by petrol or gasoline. Almost 165,000 cars were created every day and each car has approximately 30,000 parts. From Cugnot’s steam wagon to electric automobiles, new models of cars today are the enhanced version…show more content…
Special-order for Porsche came in thee colors: • Signal Green • Tangerine • Signal Yellow Additional colors were: • Lilac • Signal Orange • Chartreuse • Aubergine Silver and black color Porsche decreased its value as soon as vibrant colors were produced. It is because it wasn’t, according to them, suitable during bad weather. Orange became popular in Europe while brown and green exploded during the late 70s. The 1980s and the present... The success of metallic paints is very evident, especially when the 80s started. Almost all automobiles around the world are converted to metallic paints, which made these three colors, white, red and black, as the primary for metallic-painted cars. Light grey became a complimentary color and as substitute for metallic silver. Top 20 Most Popular Car Color 1. Golden/Gold 2. Brown 3. Silver 4. Golden-brown 5. Pearl white/ white 6. Black 7. Ash Black 8. Red 9. Grey 10. Blue 11. Maroon 12. Green 13. Orange 14. Yellow 15. Beige 16. Greyish-green 17. Pink 18. Blue green 19. Deep Violet 20. Yellow
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