Essay On Involuntary Commitment

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Imagine sitting in the comforts of your own home when your doorbell rings. You answer the door only to find the county sheriff is at your front door, demanding you get in their vehicle for transport to a mental health facility. This unfortunate scenario is common for many people. Often times when someone is seen as dangerous, or unable to care for themselves, family and the people of the community have the ability to file a petition with the probate court. The petition, court orders the patient into treatment. This policy and procedure is known as involuntary commitment.
According to Alabama Code 22-52-10.4, a person that has an existing mental health diagnoisis and/or symptoms of mental instability that puts them in immediate danger to themselves or others can be involuntarily committed; due to them being unable to make appropriate decisions regarding their psychiatric care. Criteria of being a danger to self or others can be indicated by the client being suicidal and or homicidal, and if the client exhibits daredevil behaviors which also classifies as harm to self. If the client does not receive treatment, they will continue to decompensate which prevents them from living on their own. The Alabama Code also states that during the process of involuntary commitment, if the probate judge is made
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Those who struggle with chronic mental illness sometimes, exhibit limited insight and judgment regarding their treatment (Menninger,2001). This potentially becomes detrimental because they can be a danger to themselves and/or others, and cannot care for themselves independently. In an involuntary commitment policy, the typical stakeholders consist of psychiatric patients, psychiatrist, medical doctors ,law enforcement, and legislators. During the policy formulation process, each of the stakeholders is able to provide different viewpoints given their field of
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