Essay On Iran Revolution 1979

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Iran Revolution 1979
Since the fall of the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Raza Pehlevi, following the Iranian Revolution of 1979 things have never been the same for The Islamic Republic of Iran. In the following research paper we will delve as to what led to the citizens of Iran to revolt against the shah, its effects on the country, its success or failure and finally comparing it with past and future revolutions.
Iran had come under the rule of the Shah after his father abdicated the throne. Iran was ruled under constitutional monarchy under the Shah. The Shah’s father Reza Khan was a military officer who led a coup against the ruling Qajar dynasty in 1921, ending their 131 yearlong rule. He took power himself by suppressing rebellion and establishing himself as the head of state. When His son Muhammad Reza Pehlevi came to power he removed all political parties that conflicted with his ideologies. This way the Shah was able to rule Iran without any checks and balances in his power which gave him the freedom to create heinous crimes.
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Different segments of the Iranian society clearly suffered from plethora of issues the Shah had created for them. He made new land reforms and taxation which created problems for the peasants and merchants, the educated citizens of the society suffered from unemployment and lack of freedom, the Islamic scholars from their general loss of influence over the people. He westernized Iran which made many people believe they were getting far away from Islamic Principles. After years of pent up anger the people started to revolt against the shah. Iranians organized with the help of the religious establishment to overthrow the Shah and completely reform the Iranian political system. What they needed now was a unifying leader which they found in Ayatollah Khomeini who was a critic of shah’s

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